Monday, January 7, 2008

I have a GOOD feeling about this...

"Help me Obi-Lou Kenobi, you’re my only hope..."
You bet your sweet buns, baby. Obi-Lou is here
to save the galaxy. One lovely princess at a time...

Hey Fanboys, welcome to my new art blog
HAR HAR! NOW I’ve got my fetch-a-sketchers (plus guest artists) working on MORE art for me (not that they needed any more
besides what I have them doing over at the ol’
Fetch-A-Sketch blog...)

This is a little side project for them to do inbetween
things... to celebrate Star War’s 30th Anniversary!!!!!
They will each perform fisticuffs over an available letter of the alphabet and illustrate a Star Wars-related subject that starts
with that letter. It can be anything within the
Lucas-verse — anything including characters, vehicles,
locations, weapons, events, dwellings, creatures —
the galaxy is the limit!!! Have fun boys!

Have fun! And may the.... Oh, don’t make me say it....

1 comment:

Bivouac said...

Uncle Louie,
I must say I especially LOVE the idea of this part of your BLOG. It's great! And you comments always crack me up! I'll be watching and see if I can't send a few other folks over to see as well. I think this deserves to be it's own website!
My the farce be with you.